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Blueberry Harvester


  • Reduces labor costs
  • Reduces berry bruising
  • Adjustable angles on end brushes
Revolutionary Picking Time Savings!

GK Machine’s Blueberry Harvester is a low-cost, fresh-market berry harvesting aid. Operation is simple and can increase field worker productivity by 30-40%. The machine self-propels evenly down the rows while workers pick berries at a faster pace, not having to walk crates in and out of the field. It is able to change speeds and safety control stop at any time.

Innovative machine designed to provide fresh market growers with an aide that can improve harvest speed by 5 times the rate (from 30 lbs. per hour to in excess of 150 lbs. per hour). The machine can facilitate hand harvest at night with special lighting system, fits under tunnels and easy for workers to operate.

Customizable software controls for hands-free operation:
  • The left and right sides of the frame are joined at center via a pivoting joint
  • Netting to catch berries and funnel to trays, reducing berry bruising
  • Adjustable angles on end brushes, steeper angle allows berries to roll when they fall rather than bounce when landing in trays

Blueberry Harvester Features:
  • Workers stand on frame and pick while the harvester moves down the row
  • Differential hydraulic drive for steering, adjustable width, row centering and the frame pivots
  • Berry catching trays are retractable, brushes on ends and adjustable brush angle
  • Harvest mode moves the machine at an adjustable walking pace
  • Travel mode allows the operator to steer and drive the machine at a faster pace, for moving from field to field
  • Safety stop will cut engine and electrical controls, positioned at all four outside corners of machine and the operators platform
  • To prevent operator from moving before workers are ready, there is an interlock that riders have to close before the driver can move the machine
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