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Four Decades of Innovating Industrial Manufacturing

Since 1976 GK Machine’s goal has been to create exceptional value for our customers by focusing on the design and manufacturing of quality equipment. The combination of progressive engineering, lean manufacturing with advanced software and highly automated CNC machining helps GK Machine meet and exceed our customer's expectations. 

GK produces agricultural equipment, quality manufactured equipment and greenhouse products of the highest quality, while providing excellent repair and part services to Oregon farmers. GK Machine designs, engineers and fabricates parts, engines and equipment and machinery for the various industries around the world; agriculture, transportation, construction and industrial manufacturers.  

GK serves over 60 OEM Manufacturers providing valuable efficiencies to their production, inventory turns and processing times. Current capabilities for contract manufacturing include: Production machining and milling, precision laser cutting and finishing, material forming and fabrication.

In 2015, GK Machine completed its third and largest building expansion, over 177,000 total sq. feet and now employs nearly 200 welders, assemblers, laser technicians, engineers, paint, machining, repair, parts counter and sales staff. The company is ISO Certified for manufacturing parts.



Dear GK Machine,

My name is Jim Hunt, owner of Pacific Hydroseed. Last week we had a hydraulic equipment failure on a job in Woodburn. I called and drove our equipment to your shop and you got us in and out within one hour! Fantastic service and saved our day! I am totally impressed and thankful.

Jim Hunt
Pacific Hydroseed

Gary, good day sir,

I am writing to you from Douglas County Farmers Co-op down here in Roseburg. We have been customers of GK on a small project basis for several years and have always wanted a new GK machine but could not justify the expense for what we do. We have been on the hunt for a used GK 3W6 or four wheel dry box applicator for years, to no avail. Recently we found a used GK 3W6 that was a spray unit and your team of Brent and Steve converted it to a dry box applicator for us. Steve went through it at your shop and made necessary repairs and Brent helped sell us the box. Steve took the time to assist our operator with operational controls and the Raven.

We were under a short turnaround time and your team helped us accomplish the conversion in less than 10 days, we were appreciative of the time commitment to get us in and done. Through the process of converting the dry box small, issues were found with the machine and Brent alerted us to the options of moving forward, always had a solution to fix the issue, Steve as well. This can-do attitude is appreciated, particularly in our case where customers are waiting for us to apply fertilizer for them this fall fertilizer season.

At the end of the season we will be bringing the GK 3W6 back for a full maintenance this winter and radiator replacement. We are certainly proud owners of this new-to-us GK applicator, we are excited to operate it out in the field.

I wanted to make sure you knew how much we appreciated Brent, Steve and others involved in helping us with our project. We are proud to be associated with people with such positive attitudes and can-do attitude.


Melvin Burke, General Manager/CEO
Douglas County Farmers Co-op
Roseburg, Oregon 97470
(November 2020)

THANK YOU to GK Machine, Inc.

The October 6, 2017 Quarterly Partners Meeting and celebration of National Manufacturing Day at GK Machine was eye-opening and amazing. Many thanks to those who were able to attend and experience this local resource first hand. Our hosts treated us to an extensive tour of their operations, pointing out at every turn where STEM plays a critical role in their manufacturing and design operations. From high school graduates on the production floor to engineers with advanced degrees, we met employees from every background who uses STEM skills every day in the production of a huge range of products. Many thanks to [GK employees] for organizing the day for us, and for hosting dozens of regional high school students earlier in the day in celebration of National Manufacturing Day. GK Machine is a great regional partner! (October 2017)

We at Omega Morgan would like to thank GK Machine for the service you provided on a recent project we had with a local general contractor. When we were in a spot and needed a fabrication company that could work within our time frame – which was ever changing – GK Machine never failed us. The nature of this project was such that we weren’t going to know we were complete; until we were complete. Numerous calls to [our sales contacts] at 4 in the afternoon requesting parts the next day were the standard, not the exception. While I couldn’t always get the parts in the time I was asking for, GK always did everything they could to get them to me as quickly as possible. To be fair, no fab shop could have worked within the timing that I was asking for! I am often on the other end of the phone when those calls come in and the amount on our invoice doesn’t make the task any easier.

I’m sure [our sales contacts] were not working alone so please, forward a “thank you” to the whole team! While you can’t spend a thank you, please know that we appreciate you and will look to you again in the near future!

Thanks again!

- Omega Morgan (March 2016)

Gary, good day sir,

December went swimmingly, progress was awesome, updates were pretty frequent, and the team and I were very thankful for you guys communication and dedication to getting the tanks done by the end of the month. Seeing those two tanks roll into our parking lot on your flatbed was utter bliss.

That said, we are 110% thrilled and please with both tanks. Craftsmanship and finish is second to none on both. Both tanks set perfectly on the tank stands, and every single bolt hole lined up perfectly with the stand. You guys did an absolutely outstanding job and we’re thankful for your workmanship and obvious attention to detail.

Hope all is well with you and your crew, and that this feedback helps you in some way! If you have any questions, please let me know, I’ll do my best to get back to you in a timely fashion. Take care, and I greatly look forward to working with you and your team on our next project!

Thank you,

Rob Keady
Manager of Facilities and Equipment
Marion Ag Service

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