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Agricultural Equipment

For over 40 years, GK Machine has built quality agricultural equipment for a variety of growers. From large sprayers, harvesting aides and tree diggers to fuel tanks and toilet trailers, our sales representatives are ready to help you find the best product for your growing needs. Call one of our expert ag equipment sales representatives at (503) 678-5525 or email us for a quote for GK Machine ag equipment.

Our custom machines are a great fit for a variety of applications. Our in-house engineers go to great lengths to ensure we use the most efficient and cost effective design to help your bottom line. Browse the products below then contact us with your specific needs.

The 3W6 buggy is a great option for light weight high flotation applications for both spreading and spraying. It offers a three wheel stance to provide staggered tire track spacing – limiting ground pressure and compaction.
GK Machine’s state-of-the-art Berry Ferry aids in the harvesting of berries. The harvesting machine reduces current workforce, increases harvest efficiency, reduces injuries and provides a comfortable work pace for your workforce.
GK Machine’s Blueberry Harvester is a low-cost, fresh-market berry harvesting aid. Operation is simple and can increase field worker productivity by 30-40%. Its innovative design provides fresh-market growers with an aide that can improve harvest speed by 5 times the normal rate.
Double the Performance! The Dripline Hose Reel is designed to double productivity when installing or removing drip line irrigation systems in and out of the field.
GK Machine’s self-unloading tipping style trailer is designed for container plants to be easily deposited to the ground in just minutes.
GK Machine is your local supplier of affordable, reliable, turn-key above ground steel fuel storage tanks. Whether you need bulk fuel storage for diesel, gasoline, bio-diesel, ethanol, or oil, we have a durable, easy to install and cost-effective method to meet your storage needs.
GK Machine’s H9 Bare Root Tree Digger has proven itself year after year, in field after field as the backbone of GK’s product line – the premier bare root tree and shrub digger in the industry. This workhorse gets the job done fast and efficiently, and it’s extremely easy to operate and maintain.
The GK Hoop Carrier is an innovative machine designed to transport shade and tarp hoops into and out of berry fields utilizing field cover technology.
The ECHO hose-reel is the ideal irrigator for growers to easily deliver water to their crops. These hose-reel systems are designed to be easy to move from field to field and are easy to operate.
GK Machine manufactures a variety of material handling equipment, such as nursery carts, food processing equipment and industrial trailers for transport.
GK Machine’s AWS3530 Nut Cart is the perfect cart to combine with the AWS3200 Nut Harvester.
GK Machine’s AWS3200 Nut Harvester is one of the most versatile harvesters available.
The new ‘Self-Propelled’ Nut Harvester is built with the power to make quick work for a variety of nut harvesting
GK Machine’s AWS3400 Nut Sweeper is the latest addition to the GK Nut Harvesting Line.
GK Machine’s new front dumping Nut Tote bin allows you to quickly and efficiently transfer your nuts.
The GK Orchard Leveler is the ideal pre- and post-harvest tool for leveling orchards floors.
Nurserymen know trees, plants and shrubs planted in pots that are buried in the ground stand up to winter winds and cold temperatures better than those in above-ground pots. GK Machine’s Pot-in-Pot Planter helps get those pots in and out of the ground fast and efficiently.
The strongest, fastest, and most powerful pruning tower on the market!
GK Machine’s pull-type fertilizer spreader is a durable, heavy-duty and well designed for long lasting trouble free field or crop spreading.
The design of the GK Switchblade Scraper is a result of many hours of collaboration with growers, commercial earth movers, and field engineers to produce a safe and economical solution for water management and field maintenance.
GK Machine’s portable trailers are capable of handling all of your sanitation needs. The wash station can be equipped with a variety of options; larger sink, dispensers, drinking fountain, shower head, eye-washing station, trash receptacle with lid, seating and shade area.
The TR6 efficiently operates as an over the row spray delivery system with 400 gallon capacity and mechanical agitation, centrifugal or diaphragm pumps, product controllers, and a variety of boom configurations and sizes.
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