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GK Machine's pre-engineered, bolt-together design saves installation and set-up time!

Standard series greenhouses, custom sizes and all the supplies you need for your growing operation. We've been manufacturing high quality pre-made kits since 1977. Call our Greenhouse Sales Representative at (503) 678-5525 (x339) or email us for a quote or more information.

Here are just a few of our unique products:

  • 850 Series Greenhouses
  • 2000 Series Greenhouses
  • 5000 Series Greenhouses
  • 9000 Series Greenhouses
  • Greenhouse Accessories
  • Poly Film and Shade Cloth
  • and many more!
The standard for the Northwest is the GK Series 2000 greenhouse system which holds heat and humidity extremely well and works best for cuttings and starting plants.
GK Machine’s commercial greenhouse system is efficient and affordable and offers the height needed for watering boom spraying and provides the space for efficient air movement and ventilation.
The 850 Series is designed for hanging products such as flower baskets and tomato plants due to its unique truss system.
GK Machine’s 9000 Gutter-Connect 9000 Series greenhouse uses more of your valuable growing space, with no land waste between greenhouses.
From poly films to shade cloth, look no further than GK Machine for the covering material you need to complete your existing or new greenhouse structure.
GK's wide offering of greenhouse accessories provides you with the reliable products you need to maximize the efficiency of your growing operation.
GK Machine manufactures a “blackout system” that provides effective light deprivation for greenhouses. It allows you, the grower, to set the best harvest schedule for the plants you are growing by controlling the light cycle and timing.
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