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Hoop Carrier


  • Reduces labor costs
  • Improves field worker safety
  • 4-wheel independent steering
  • Complete with CANBUS automation

The GK Hoop Carrier is an innovative machine designed to transport shade and tarp hoops into and out of berry fields utilizing field cover technology. This helps to reduce labor, save time, and improve field worker safety. The machine lifts, transports, and places hoops into the field, replacing the need for field workers to manually lift the hoops and walk them to the field over the berry crops.

A unique feature of the GK Hoop carrier is its four wheels that drive and steer independently, giving the machine both omnidirectional and swerve-style steering. Using simple joystick inputs, wheel angles and speeds are calculated and implemented in real time.

GK utilized load sense technology and hydraulic components paired with a CANBUS network of sensors and computers in a way not done previously to maneuver the machine, lift hoops, and place them over berry crops.

Before the introduction of the GK Hoop Carrier, it would take a crew of workers approximately three weeks to cover a field. With the GK Hoop Carrier, it takes approximately 2.5 days to cover the same amount of field, a significant reduction of labor costs.

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