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GK Celebrates National Welding Month

In celebration of National Welding Month, GK Machine teamed up with the Cascade Pacific Council for a hands-on Welding merit badge day with 30 Scouts attending. A day fused fun with hands-on learning. "People would be surprised how many kids want to learn how to weld. I am certain every Scout who participates will have an experience they will remember for years to come," says Gary Grossen, owner and founder of GK Machine.

Each Scout will build, weld, and powder coat their own toolbox holder to take home and use for years. Some Scouts might be inspired to pursue a career in welding; others will walk away with a greater appreciation for the role welders play in our society.

GK Machine is helping Scouts get excited about such career options as welding, engineering, and manufacturing in a hands-on way while earning their badges. After this month's event, GK Machine will have hosted close to 95 Scouts who have received their Welding Merit Badge.

What does GK Machine get out of this? In the fast-moving, technologically focused world of welding, GK wants to help inspire and educate the next generation of welders. "Since welding is so relevant to everyday life, we need to invest and find the next generation of workers in the welding industry to keep up with the changing technologies around welding," Grossen says.

National Welding Month: The American Welding Society (AWS) marks April as the National Welding Month to recognize the industry and its workers. Throughout this month, the American Welding Society raises awareness about the trade skills shortage in the welding industry and its career paths. It celebrates the work of the welders who have delivered non-stop quality and built our world for centuries.

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