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GK's modern fabrication department has the tools and experience needed to manipulate metal in ways you've never dreamed of. Our employees thrive on new, challenging projects and look forward to exceeding your expectations at every opportunity. GK has invested heavily in state-of-the-art machines to handle large industrial sized jobs, large volume parts and pieces as well as small, delicate cutting projects. We have the capacity and capabilities to provide quality, on-time delivery for your next manufacturing project.

Flexible, Modular Column and Booms  - ESAB CaB System 300S and 300M

CNC operated MAX model roll forming machine can handle ultra-light gauges as well as thicker applications. The Davi Roll Forming 3R Max Series, manufactured in Italy, is designed to pre-bend and roll cylinders and cones.
The benefit is the real hydraulic pre-bending. It clamps the material and pre-bends with minimum amount of residual flat end and straight edge. Full hydraulic movement and multiple independent hydraulic motors increase surface speed and ease of material handling.
The MAX model will accommodate rolls up to 10 feet and 2 inches, and will handle high-resistance steel, heat treated, tested and certified carbon steel material. With friction-free rolling guides and self-aligning double crown spherical roller bearings, this machine is more accurate, faster and more reliable than previous models.
The machine features two independent but integrated parallel systems, just to prevent downtime in case of an electronic or other type of failure. And, high speed top roll rotation, with two hydro-motors that are free-to-tilt to absorb the rolls deflection and for cone rolling.


Integrated solution including welding process, manipulator movement as well as control of third axis roller bed and positioner:

  • Modular design concept allows total customization using standard components
  • Large selection of available components to integrate for a custom solution:
  • A variety of welding heads for SAW but also GMAW and GTAW
  • A complete range of rectifiers, transformers and inverter based power sources
  • The welding process is controlled by ESAB PEK or a PLC system
  • ESAB flux feeding and recovery systems
  • Monitoring systems and cameras
  • Choose between stationary or mobile, rail-travelling carriage systems
  • A Column and Boom ranging 3x3 to 5x5 meter working range as standard
  • Single or twin wire set-up with the A2 or A6 welding head
  • 30 kg wire spools


Speeds and Capacities


3m (10ft)

4m (13ft)

5m (16.5ft)

Lifting Speed

27.5 in./min
0.7 m/min

27.5 in./min
0.7 m/min

27.5 in./min
0.7 m/min

Permissible Loads on Boom, max one end

530 lb
240 kg

331 lb
150 kg

165 lb
75 kg

Permissible Loads on Boom, max total

660 lb
300 kg

485 lb
220 kg

331 lb
150 kg

Transport Speed Boom and Rail Carriage

79 in./min
2.0 m/min

79 in./min
2.0 m/min

79 in./min
2.0 m/min

Welding Speed, Boom

4-79 in./min
0.1-2.0 m/min

4-79 in./min
0.1-2.0 m/min

4-79 in./min
0.1-2.0 m/min

Welding Speed, Rail Carriage

4-79 in./min
0.1-2.0 m/min

4-79 in./min
0.1-2.0 m/min

4-79 in./min
0.1-2.0 m/min


Concrete Stand Total Weight

1550 kg (3417 lb)

Foot Plate Total Weight

350 kg (772 lb)

Rail Carriage Total Weight

1670 kg (3681 lb)

Extra Information

Standard CaB Sizes
The manipulators are divided into three different sizes 300, 460 and 600. These sizes are the throat
dimensions of the boom in millimeters. Each size has a corresponding column. The different sizes are not
only limited in where it can fit, but also how far the boom can extend and how much load that can be put on.

Performance Categories
The system is divided into three different categories for performance:
S: Standard
Standard mechanical performance, no cable chain. A few options: camera-system, tacho-regulated speed and flux control. Only for Basic station 1
M: Modular
Standard mechanical performance, including cable chain for Columns and Booms. More than 20 options fully integrated, such as tandem, shift function, transport speed etc. Only for Basic station 1
C: Customized
Based on the same mechanical performance as the S- and M- model. Based on the same electrical system as the M- model. Includes everything that is not a S- or M- model such as: Basic station 2, 3, and 4; Odd sizes (ex. 4.35 m x 5.15 m); Option demands not offered in S- or M- model.


The new Fit-Up Roller system is integrated with the ESAB cab welding system and allows GK Machine to weld large tanks safely and efficiently. This new machine is capable of reducing weld time by 30 percent, and with more consistency than manual welders. The Fit-Up Roller system is all hydraulic making it very simple for the operator to fit up tanks and to individually adjusts the rollers. The hydraulic system helps keep the tank round and seams tight.

By purchasing the latest technology driven equipment, GK Machine continues to meet the goal of improving cycle times, and lowering down time, while improving safety– all to remain competitive in the market place. The newly acquired Fit-Up Roller and ESAB Welding Production system offers GK Machine the opportunity to achieve improvements in productivity and overall quality compared to conventional welding processes.
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