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Nightfall System - Light Deprivation


  • Control your harvest schedule
  • Improve your crop yield
  • Fully automated mechanical operation
  • Up to 30% annual savings in reduced heat loss

GK Machine manufactures a “blackout system” that provides effective light deprivation for greenhouses.  It allows you, the grower, to set the best harvest schedule for the plants you are growing by controlling the light cycle and timing.

Our greenhouse curtain system is comprised of a shade fabrics and materials that are attached to the mechanical shade operating system. Greenhouse shade systems are extremely valuable in protecting plants, controlling light and the harvest cycle.

Blackout system can be used to change the day length for your crop and used as a heat retention cloth at night.  The cloths come in a range of shade percentages to best fit your individual application. The cloths can reflect the infrared light range to reduce the heat gain and diffuse the PAR light the crop uses to increase the look and health of the plant.  The right cloth can be pulled at night creating an attic space above the curtain and reducing your heat loss saving you as much as 30% annually.

Increase harvesting time and improve your yield with light deprivation “Nightfall” greenhouse kits from GK Machine, Inc. 

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