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Greenhouse Accessories

GK Offers:

  • Heaters
  • Fans and Shutters
  • Greenhouse Doors
  • Clamps and Fasteners
  • Open-Roof Ventilation
  • Environment Controllers
  • ... and much more!


L.B White Heaters – Offered in both 220,000 and 120,000 BTU propane or natural gas models.

All GreenGros Plus heaters include:
  • Dependable, fuel efficient spark ignition
  • Quick response on-demand heat
  • Powerful long reaching blower fan
  • Easy integration with building controls
  • Indoor or outdoor installation
GreenGro Plus models feather:
  • Two stage temperature control
  • Heating and air circulation modes
  • Tri-shield triple coated protection


Green Breese Fans – 12" and 20"
  • Energy efficient, totally enclosed motors with 2 year warranty
  • Special design guards allow more air flow through the fan
  • Complete distribution of air in every direction, no hot or cold spots thought out building
  • Reduces humidity and eliminates condensation
  • Maximizes heat distribution
Slantwall Cone Fans

The 1" diameter corrosion resistant fan shaft is self-aligning and pre-lubricated with pillow block ball bearings. The cone style fan will increase fans performance and efficiency. Unites include ho using, intake shutter, discharge cone, outlet screen, belt tensioner, fan and motor.

Shutter Mounted Exhaust Fans

Heavy duty guards w/greay metallic vinyl polyester coating to resist corrosion. The shutter mounted exhaust fans are efficient and easy to install and come with automatic shutters.

Steel Shutters

Non-motorized galvanized steel shutters. Mill finished aluminum blades with stainless steel rivets and 19 gauge, welded steel frame. Other sizes of steel shutters are available upon request.

Optional Shutter Motors available


GK Machine provides options for various styles of doors for your greenhouse and include all components for assembly:

  • Door frame, round trolleys
  • Top header and trolley tracks
  • Side flushing and door stop pocket
  • Continuous door guide
  • Polycarbonate, door skis and all hardware
  • Shutter soffit available for off-set mounting of shutters


GK Machine carries a full line of all the clamps, fasteners, bands, screws bolts, bows and clamps you'll need to construct your greenhouses.

  • GK Strap Clamp – 12 gauge galvanized steel with two bolts to easily secure
  • Standard Clamps – Heavy duty 2-hole zinc plated, 12 gauge steel
  • Tension Bands – Sizes in 3/8", 5/8" and 7/8"
  • Brace Bands – Sizes in 3/8", 5/8", 7/8" and 3/8"
  • Wood Screws – Self tapping hex 12 x 1 1/4" or 12 x 3/4"
  • Fasteners – Metal Teks, self-drilling 12 x 3/4"
  • Bow Pockets – Size in 3/8" or 7/8"
  • Tee Clamps – Size in 3/8", 5/8" or 7/8"


The GK designed open roof ventilation system can be easily retro-fitted to a 20, 24 and 30 feet wide gable arch or to gutter connected houses. Attach lift arms with additional support provided by side strut. The lower extrusion is clamped to the existing bows and it has 2 Surelock channels to stabilize. The use of an upper and lower Surelock channel ensures a positive seal when vent is closed.


The GK Machine IGrow 1400 will help you control all of your greenhouse equipment. It features an intelligent heating, cooling, humidity, CO2, shading, vent, bottom heat, HID lighting and irrigation control to create the perfect environment for your plants.

  • Compact, highly versatile with an elegant design and help button
  • 12 relay outputs, 2 alarm outputs, 8 sensors inputs manual override
  • Stores historical data for 30 days
  • Lockable enclosure that is watertight
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